A new character of the Jellyface family is ready to meet you. Let us introduce the king of the shore: Jellyface king Alga! Coming soon in museum bookshops Jellyface King Alga comes in three colorways, green, blue and orange and is available in six sizes, from small to extra large. As other Jellyfaces plush, Jellyface King Alga is handcrafted and 100% made in Italy. More info? Drop us a line info@jellyface.net

Jellyface is proud to be at the Astronomic Parc Torre del Sole in Brembate di Sopra Bergamo, IT. Some Jellyface Asteroid landed in a science museum where kids watch the sky and learn how the universe rules. If you have questions about planets, stars or the sun, just go at the Astronomic Parc Torre del Sole and enjoy... You will find some soft asteroids to hurl at your friends!

We are very proud to announce that JELLYFACE has been chosen for a three month residency period from 1 October to 31 December 2011 at the Fiskars Village in Finland. The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars is a unique community. All members of the Cooperative, founded 1996, live or work in Fiskars Village. All year round the Cooperative arranges high-quality exhibitions in the village, presenting crafts, design and art. Let’s have a look at www.onoma.org.

Here we are again! San Diego Comic Con 2011 is coming and JELLYFACE is ready to infest the United States. If you want a taste of the Italian sea please stop by and say hello to the brand-new character JELLYMUSSEL at the DKE Toys booth #4728.

From the first of April to the end of June 2011 the bookshop of the exhibition Matisse: The Seduction of Michelangelo (Museum of Santa Giulia Brescia, IT), was invaded by hundreds and hundreds of JELLYJAZZ and many screaming kids bought their colored fetish.

There are some members of the JELLYFACE family at San Diego Comic Con 2010. They are in good company with Dov and Sarah Jo at the DKE Toys booth and with thousands of others art toys. At SDCC you can discover the INCAJELLYFACE series and the special edition JELLYFACE BLACK FOSSIL, three characters prototype.

JELLYFACE is proud to present KingFish, a plush toy produced and hand crafted by Jellyface for Killertoy, an Italian toy lover who dreamed this exotic fish halfway between a mythological creature and a laboratory experiment. KingFish is available in a Grey version (125 pcs) and in a very limited Gold version, only 60 pcs (more info at killer-toy.blogspot.com). If you want to see your 3D real character in a Jellyface plush toy style do not hesitate to contact us, we like working with other artists for interesting collaborations.

From the first of April until 27th June 2010, at the bookshop of the exhibition - INCA. ORIGINS AND MYSTERIES OF THE GOLDEN CIVILIZATIONS - (Museum of Santa Giulia Brescia, IT), INCAJELLYFACE will be available. They are the evidence of a glorious civilization whose traces were lost. Discover the new characters in their section or go the shop…and do not forget to go to the exhibition.
In April we were at the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin. Very interesting characters and people! You definitely have to mark it in your agenda. we look forward to see you at Pictoplasma Festival 2011.
December is being the “exhibition month”! JELLYFACE wants to show you the pictures of some new friends born in these occasions. Go to the exhibition page and meet JELLYFOSSIL and JELLYMANTA or see a YOKA riding a JELLYFACE.
Visit the new section PAPERTOY. You can use your hands to make some new friends of JELLYFACE. There are four different papertoy and a blank one that is waiting for your fancy. CLICK HERE
JELLYFACE is in the Danish design magazine BOLIGLIV. In the October issue there is a review called "plush Monsters versus Aliens" with some plush toy around the world. What do you think, are JELLYFACE monsters or aliens?
Working on new artworks... we love wood! JELLYFACE have met the wood and they are having a lot of fun! You'll see some new pieces very soon.
JELLYFACE at SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2009 with DKE TOYS, our distributor for North and South America. Come and meet the JELLYFACE WORLD!
The JELLYFACES have some important messages to say: if you agree with these principles you can be a very good friend of JELLYFACE. Click on the sentence you prefer, discover who say what, and find your suitable JELLYFACE: Save the forests / Clean the oceans / Respect the ground / Love the animals / Recycle the plastics. Would you like to say anything different? Buy a JELLYCUSTOM, make your own JELLYFACE and let us know your message.
Do you like JELLYFACE? Meet the family and discover JELLYWOOD, JELLYMUCI, JELLYBONE, JELLYFUR. There is also a first special edition JELLYTANGLE and a white JELLYCUSTOM. This is the first series of JELLYFACE (500 numbered pcs each character), a hand crafted plush-toy family, entirely made in Italy. The JELLYFACES are now packaged and ready to be collected. Each pack contains one poster, one sticker and one pin. Choose the JELLYFACE you like most and give it a new home. But remember! They could be dangerous... If you're interested in selling JELLYFACE in your shop, send us an email.
Each JELLYFACE has its own camouflage. They can’t live without it… And you? What do you wear for living? Get into the JELLYFACE world: a new line of clothing and posters are coming. Each JELLYFACE will have its sweatshirt and you’ll be able to choose your favourite item. Check the site for news.