CROCINO (little cross) is a limited edition Plush Toys designed and made by Jellyface for the Italian First Aid Association Croce Bianca. A Jellyface plush-toy to help the cause and raise funds for an ambulance. Crocino is an ordinary person, but when the blue light starts flashing he becomes a super hero.
PUTRIDA is a character created by Scratchtape. There are Posters and T-shirts ispired by the PUTRIDA character and in 2008 it has been chosen by the Design is Kinky crew ( for the SemiPermanent Book (the greatest annual book for illustrators and designers). In 2010 JELLYFACE has produced two versions of Putrida-Pillow. This series is made up of 100pcs Lying down Putrida and 100pcs of Happy Putrida. Putrida lives in a dump but he feels like the King of Forest. Would you like to embrace two Putridas in your bed?
JELLYFACE is proud to present KingFish, a plush toy produced and hand crafted by Jellyface for Killertoy, an Italian toy lover who dreamed this exotic fish halfway between a mythological creature and a laboratory experiment. KingFish is available in a Grey version (125 pcs) and in a very limited Gold version, only 60 pcs (more info at

JELLYFACE works with artists but also works with institutions. For the Centrostudi Gised we designed and produced, in collaboration with Scratchtape, two characters-pillow called HOMUNCULUS for the FIORDIPELLE.IT project. The homunculus is commonly used in scientific disciplines, such as psychology, to describe the distorted scale model of a human drawn or sculpted to reflect the relative space human body parts occupy on the somatosensory cortex (sensory homunculus) and the motor cortex (motor homunculus). The lips, hands, feet and sex organs have more sensory neurons than other parts of the body, so the homunculus has correspondingly large lips, hands, feet, and genitals. If you like these “neurological-pillows” you’ll definitely love the Homunculs Papertoy. CLICK HERE and have fun!

JELLYFACE is also proud to present SQUAREDBOY, a character-pillow made by JELLYFACE for Scotchtapefamily, an art-collective that creates characters by putting adhesive tape on walls, boards or different surfaces. Scotchtapefamily featured the first International Sticker Award Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. You can have a Squared Boy only for you: there are two colorways, 100pcs grey and 100pcs green. Which one do you prefer?

JELLYFACE is now working on various projects but we also have time for you! There are some works in progress… Stay tuned for news! If you want to see your 3D real character in a Jellyface plush toy style do not hesitate to contact us, we like working with other artists for interesting collaborations.