Jellyface solo exhibition "Jellyface loves Finland" and open LAB at the Fiskars Village Artist in Residence (2 - 23 Dec. 2011).
All Saturdays and Sundays in December, 11 am to 5 pm at the Fiskars Village Artist in Residence (, exhibition and signed limited edition Jellyface in our shop.

We are proud to present new characters of the Jellyface family created during the Residency period (Oct 2011 – Jan 2012). In the "Jellyface loves Finland" exhibition you can meet Jellystone, Jellyworm, Jellytangle Deer and some foetuses.
From the first time that Jallytangle arrives in Finland and discovers the Nature she started a body mutation. She now lives in the forest and creates various colonies of Jellyworm that is the natural reaction at the Finland land. There are three foetuses of Jellyworm, the firsts examples of the evolutionary step: they still need water to live. There are also five Jellyworm with an armature: they live in symbiosis with the forest and the branches are now part of their bodies. Jellytangle loves the deers, is on the wall but she has not been hunted: she loves watching other Jellyface from a high position.
While all this happens in the forest, you hear some strange voices and laughter coming from the darkness of a cave: some Jellystones are talking about their friends Jellyworm…why are they crawling? Why are they wearing those strange branches?

Stuff This - Bon Voyage! The fifth and final year of Stuff This! Subtitled Bon Voyage! Featuring the plush artwork by artists from around the world, including works from Jellyface, Shawnimals, Monster Factory, Amanda Spayd, Lana Crooks, Follow The Rabbit, and more. The exhibition run through to December 31st, 2011. There are nine Jellyface in Columbus right now. Go to Rivet and meet JELLY BLOODY STONES that has witnessed a murder into the forest, just the night before the opening of the exhibition Stuff This V! From that moment Jelly Bloody Stones is yelling BON VOYAGEEE!!!
This year for SDCC 2011 at DKE Toys Booth #4728, SDCC special prototype JELLYMUSSEL: 1 Ocean, 1Character, 4Sizes from 15 cm to 64cm. Do you hear a murmur from the seabed? A whisper? Some JellyMussel are gathering, coming from all over the ocean ... JellyMussel are enraged at the polluted ocean and they are going to get a revenge! A revenge with no half measures. What are they looking at!
This year for SDCC 2010 at DKE Toys Booth #4732, SDCC special prototype JELLYFACE BLACK FOSSIL: Black Fossil BONE, Black Fossil CHELA, Black Fossil PUNCH. The 3 characters are 8.5’ high. The oceans become more and more black in 2010 because of oil. Some new Jellyface are emerging from the polluted water and they are angry and dangerous! JELLYFACE BLACK FOSSIL is the dark side of the ocean!
CLEA IP Design Battle & CE Design Contest 2010. The aim of the contest is to encourage cooperation between Thai and international designers in the creation and development of their designs for lifestyle products, and the challenge for the contestants is to paint the 10” CE figurine designed by Studio Aiko that will be the mascot for the CLEA2010 show. More info at and Toysrevil and facebook fan page.
JELLYFACE for Cut-click Mail Art Exhibition. There is a JELLYFUR TRITTICO artwork and a printed packaging in Grimsby, United Kingdom. Cut-Click is an online magazine made by artists, designers, photographers and so on, a portfolio website that is always adding new creatives.
With a new show called GIOCHI D'ARTE (Games of art), curated by Loredana Parmesani and Carla Berioli, the ARMORY ARTE SPAZIO CONTEMPORANEO, an art gallery based in Perugia (IT), continues its research on the connections between the art and various issues operated by artists and designers, this time by proposing a review of works in which they highlighted the relations that exist between art, design, and the game world.

Through some of the works of Alexander Ciffo, Horatio Goni, Jellyface, Alessandro Mendini, Bruno Munari, Matteo Ragni Pietro Ruffo, Andrea Solvetti, Aldo Splodi, Wal, artists and designers whose work is well known for their specific research, the exhibition shows how the worlds of art and design are close to the dimension of fun and playful.

As Schiller said: Life is earnest, art is gay; we might say that today art and design, in a serious and dramatic moment, are making an effort to show their ludic possibility. Featured works focus on themes of the game through a universe of images and objects referring the world of a childhood lost but perhaps desired. And, with Schiller again, we might say that if a man is one who knows how to play, then the human being can pass through the extraordinary possibility of an imaginative game. In this adventure art and philosophy are involved with surprising proposals and, referring to Huizinga, another great theorist who reflects on the social and artistic value of the game, we can truly say that the game is a dimension that has a meaning. It is opposed to seriousness, is not insane but regulated by strict codes and, although activity of the mind, does not contain a moral function, nor virtue, nor shame. In some of the ludic works in the exposition we can see an act of freedom, the same freedom that we find in the art and that opens the doors of immagination.

In this exhibition there are some delegates of the JELLYFACE family and three new plush toys: JELLYFOSSIL. JELLYFOSSIL are cousins of JellyBone and they come to visit him from afar. They are strongly attracted by prehistory and often organize trips in search of fossils and relics from the past in order to disguise themselves. JELLYFOSSIL would like to go back in time for living in ages where nature is still pristine and extreme.
The third annual, Stuff This! plush group exhibition is running from December 5 through December 30 at RIVET GALLERY.Rivet is a designer toy and art gallery located in the Short North arts district of Columbus, Ohio. There is a variety of limited edition collectible designer vinyl toys, DIY art toys, and plush, in addition to presenting excellent works of original art and prints by pop-surreal, lowbrow, and underground artists. The Stuff This III show feature original plush 3-D work from over 30 artists from six countries. Artists: My Paper Crane-Heidi Kenney, Monster Factory, Little Oddjects - Kit Lane, Jellyface, the buttoneyes, Love and a Sandwich, Curster, Melissa Stanley, Lori Brown, Miso and many more.

There are two JELLYMANTA in Columbus right now. Go to Rivet and meet JELLYMANTA the ascetic JELLYFACE that decided to break away from the group and instead of leaving the ocean because of pollution, remains in the sea. JELLYMANTA has found herself with mental and physical exercises: she practises martial arts with her sword and wanders the ocean in defense of its inhabitants. But the mutation is already underway, JELLYMANTA is changing color!
The Yoka Custom Show had premiered in Pasadena, California at 2009 November's DesignerCon (formerly Vinyl Toy Network) and will travel to a gallery space. adFunture provided their 3 blank Yoka bear vinyl figures and DKE Toys found over 200 artists to participate in the Custom Yoka Show.  Featuring work from 19 countries the show turns the quirky little panda into everything from a dirty thug to a sweet snail in this tremendous exhibition. 
Show features: Anthony Ausgang, Miss Mindy, Buff Monster, Jophen Stein, Heidi Kenney, Steven Daily, Snaggs, Arbito, Jellyface, Le Merde, Chris Ryniak, olive47, Dacosta!, Chino and literally hundreds more.

The Jellyface artwork is called “YOKA rides a JELLYFACE” and is an example of how a JELLYFACE is wild and disobedient. YOKA is trying to tame one .... Will it succeed? Stay tuned for news!

The first exhibition of the Custom Yoka Show went great! Here is a link to the write-up on Vinyl Pulse

Custom Yoka Show US Gallery Tour, from February to September 2010:
Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Rivet Designer Toy & Art Gallery, Columbus, OH, USA
Howl Gallery, Fort Meyers, FL, USA
Genuine Artikle, Long Island, NY, USA
Lulubell Toy Bodega, Tuscon, AZ, USA
JELLYFACE has been chosen for MORTAL PLUSH: I am not your toy exhibition. ART WHINO GALLERY and Licorice Tree come together for a unique and innovative take on art and plush creations. The exhibition includes original handmade soft-sculpture works submitted by artists worldwide, each attempting to convey the variety of emotions experienced by their human creators. Saturday, July 11th, from 6pm – Midnight. Location: 173 Waterfront St. National Harbor, MD 20745 USA. Show runs through Aug 7th. Music by DJ Fleg.
JELLYFACE at San DieComigo c Con 2009 with DKE TOYS, our distributor for North and South America. A special edition of JELLYFACE, strictly limited, is born from prototypes presented at SDCC 2009: JELLYSCUBA and JELLYSHARK. The polluted ocean is going to be repopulated!

Comic-Con 2009 roared back into the San Diego Convention Center July 23–26, Comic-Con's 40th was the biggest and best convention ever! It all started in 1970 with a one-day minicon at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. The first guests were Forrest J Ackerman and Mike Royer, best known for his work inking Jack Kirby's Fourth World books.

That one-day event tested the waters for the first ever San Diego Comic-Con in August of the same year, which featured comics legend Jack Kirby and science fiction authors Ray Bradbury and A. E. van Vogt. And the rest is history. That first show and its logo set the groundwork for what would become, over the next 39 years, the USA leading comics and popular arts convention. From the very beginning the event has focused on comic art, films, and science fiction.
JELLYFACE has partecipated at the SEMIPERMANENT BOOK CONTEST 2009 with three artworks called Where is my home. Semi-Permanent is a design event. It consists of a conference and side events which include exhibitions, competitions, workshops and parties. It’s a week long celebration of all things design. Graphic Design, Film, Art, Illustration, Web Design, Photography, Visual Effects, Animation, Graffiti, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion; all these things and more. Semi-Permanent explores the diverse and exciting design world bringing together exceptionally talented artists and designers to speak at the event.